EndoSan™ is a superior disinfectant in the fact that it is non-hazardous and has the ability to remove bio-film, the sediment of biodegradable compounds which supports fast microbial re-growth.

EndoSan™ is a safe non toxic biocide ideal for complete disinfection of water storage tanks, an innovative “green” biocide, which allows property and estates managers to save money as well as improving their organisation’s environmental profile.

Typical Uses

  • Medical, dental & surgical equipment disinfection
  • Systemic disinfectant for surfaces and environment
  • Water treatment system disinfection
  • Disinfects animal enclosures
  • DEFRA approved for use with Foot and Mouth disease


  • Surface disinfectant in general cleaning
  • An alternative to chlorine in swimming pools
  • Personnel decontamination with patient safety assured
  • Can be used as a surface disinfectant in general cleaning of facilities e.g. gyms, hotel bedrooms